About Us

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My Story

I am a childhood sexual assault survivor who is passionate about helping others through their journey of survival.

My experience was as a 7 year old being molested by a close family member.  I never thought they would ever own up to the assault however, they finally have after decades of denying what happened.  I have walked through my journey alone at times and have come out on the other side through different means including counselling, input from close friends, meditation and some serious self reflection.

I believe that with help, sexual abuse does not need to be a death sentence (as it can feel this way).  You can overcome anything in this life including one of the most catastrophic violations that anyone can ever experience, sexual abuse.  The mind is a powerful tool and you can train it to think differently about yourself, your situation and your experiences.  I am not saying this is an easy tsk but, it is worth it to work through it.

My goal is to help as many people as I can to overcome their sexual abuse because I believe in people, and that they are meant to do great things in this life.  Sometimes things that people have to go through may put out that beautiful spark they have, I am here to reignite that spark within you.

Please, if you are struggling with your past or present sexual abuse, please email me at http://valleyforgeblackpots.com/2018/05/ more2survive@gmail.com. The help is here.